As an immigrant from England who became a US citizen in the bicentennial year 1976 I would like to offer this suggestion to Donald Trump for his next commentary, this time on English migrants:

” They come over here with their fancy accents mocking the way we speak. Heck, they would all be speaking German if it were not for us. They marry our women or men, or both. They poison our American freedom with their socialist ideas about introducing universal health care, limiting access to guns just because someone has a few mental issues or strong prejudices against African Americans or Mexicans or some other group, demanding that religious believers be denied their constitutional right to refuse to treat equally people they disapprove of, and expecting us to pay attention to science in vital matters of public policy. They have even appropriated the melody of our patriotic song, “My country ’tis of thee” as the national anthem of their country of origin. As President I will remind them that we founded this country by rejecting the English, and we can and will do it again.”

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